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  2. Google Ads Display Advertising Certification Exam Answers
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What targeting options are available on the Display Network? (Choose 2)

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  1. Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA)
  2. Demographic targeting
  3. Affinity audiences
  4. Connections targeting

100% Correct Answer

  • Demographic targeting
  • Affinity audiences

Google Ads Display Advertising Certification Exam Answers

Google Ads Display Certification covers basic and intermediate concepts, including best practices for creating, managing and optimizing Display campaigns.

  1. You’d like to show your ads to users searching for custom t-shirts. Which targeting method can you use?
  2. You’ve just opened your new bakery shop in Paris, and would like to have more customers in your shop. Which bid strategy do you need to select when setting up your campaign to get the required results?
  3. John launched a new line of men’s shoes on his fashion website, and he wants to build awareness about the launch. Which targeting option should he use?
  4. You’re seeking an ad format to support influencing consideration for your brand. You’d also like the ad to automatically adjusts its size, appearance, and format to fit available ad spaces and better fit content users came to see. Which ad format suits these needs?
  5. Which ad format is recommended for building awareness?
  6. Which ad format is recommended for getting more users for your app, as well as finding users who are likely to complete in-app actions?
  7. If John is setting up a new video campaign, which manual bidding strategy should he use?
  8. When should you use automated bidding?
  9. A running shoe company wants to reach “avid marathon runners” instead of just “sports fans”. Which targeting method should this advertiser use?
  10. Your budget is $500 a month, your goal is to drive visits to your site, and your average sale price is around $10. Which bidding strategy is best for you?
  11. You are interested in understanding how campaigns are driving traffic to your site. What metric would you look at to see how often people who see your ad end up clicking it?
  12. James is marketing an online training course and wants to improve his campaign performance. He analyzes the conversion-tracking data and realizes most course registrations are coming from Atlanta, GA. What should he do?
  13. In your next campaign you’d like to show images of your products in your ads. What campaign type do you choose?
  14. You are leading a brand awareness campaign for a car company, and you’d like to create buzz for your new model. Which metrics do you need to look at in your reports?
  15. What is the reach of the Google Display Network?
  16. There’s no one recommended bid amount that works best for everyone. Which factors do you need to consider when choosing a bid amount? (Select 3)
  17. James has a campaign for an online training course and wants to understand how his campaigns are driving course sales and lesson sign-ups. What information can he learn from conversion tracking? (Choose 2)
  18. If you’d like users to fill in a survey on your website, which marketing objective do you need to select when setting up your Display campaign?
  19. What is your advertising objective if you’ve just launched a product and would like to show your ads to a varied group of consumers?
  20. You’d like to create remarketing lists based on your customer’s journey through your website so that you can target them with different bids or ads. Which category describes the users that visited your homepage, but didn’t move any further into your site?
  21. Your client wants to reach customers who are browsing content relevant to the company’s keywords and highly likely to buy their products. You recommend using the Search Network with Display opt-in because the Display option:
  22. You are interested in understanding how clicks lead to a sale on your site. What do you call a click that leads to a sale on your site?
  23. Which remarketing list segment will typically have the highest volume of viewers?
  24. Which manual bidding strategy can you use to increase your reach?
  25. In addition to partner websites, where can you display your ads on the Google Display Network? (Choose 2)
  26. How many websites are part of the Google Display Network?
  27. What targeting options are available on the Display Network? (Choose 2)
  28. Which ad format is recommended for driving action?
  29. What does remarketing allow you to do? (Choose 2)
  30. What are the key benefits of using the Google Display Network? (Choose 2)
  31. Which bidding strategy should use you if you want to increase revenue from your ad spend?
  32. You’d like to show your ads to customers who live in a specific region or country and speak German. Which targeting method can you use?
  33. Which targeting option allows you to re-engage with people who visited your site by serving them ads containing the products they viewed on their visit?
  34. You’re running a campaign for a shoe company and notice that the sales trends show many customers are adding shoes to their shopping cart, but not buying them. How can you bring those customers back to actually buy the shoes?
  35. What is your advertising objective if you want to ensure your content catches the eye of the people who want what you offer?
  36. “Engagement” with a Lightbox ad on a mobile phone or tablet is achieved when someone:
  37. A custom Lightbox ad must have a format hosted in:
  38. A direct response advertiser is primarily interested in generating conversions from a Display campaign. To get a potentially better return on investment, this advertiser should use:
  39. A direct response advertiser would like to promote a new line of non–stick cookware that is being sold on an e–commerce site via a display ad. She should choose a landing page for the ad that features:
  40. A Ready Lightbox ad can contain:
  41. Ads are likely to be most contextually relevant to the sites on which they appear when using:
  42. Advertisers using the Display Network can use the reporting table in the Placements section of the Display tab to determine the:
  43. An ad may not appear correctly on mobile phones if it:
  44. An ad’s Quality Score on the Display Network will affect:
  45. An advertiser creates a display ad with Ad gallery. It doesn’t show properly in all the sizes the advertiser wants to use. What should the advertiser do to ensure that it shows in all sizes without limiting exposure?
  46. An advertiser notices that a Display campaign is receiving a large number of conversions at certain times and days of the week. Which feature would help this advertiser maximize the number of conversions received at the campaign’s current budget?
  47. An advertiser promoting the release of a film that’s entirely in French with no subtitles wants to advertise on YouTube. He’s advertising it heavily in France through a traditional ad campaign, but wants to ensure that online ads reach the most relevant YouTube audience. Which should he do?
  48. An advertiser purchasing display advertising through other ad networks can still benefit from using AdWords display ads because:
  49. An advertiser selling airline tickets has designed an image ad with drop–down menus for airport departure and arrival locations. Rather than programming the menu to show airports, the advertiser wants a click on the ad to go to his website. This ad will:
  50. An advertiser using viewable cost–per–thousand impressions (vCPM) bidding wants to maximize exposure on a specific set of sites selected for a new campaign. Which is a best practice when setting up the campaign?
  51. An advertiser who has conversion tracking enabled wants to optimize a campaign that contains display ads. In order to identify the websites that are generating sales, he should review:
  52. An advertiser who sells coffee beans adds the keyword “Java’” to an ad group. After two weeks, she runs a placement performance report and notices that the ad is showing up on websites about JavaScript programming. What should she do to avoid appearing on these irrelevant sites?
  53. An advertiser who wants to target specific categories of video content on the Display Network should:
  54. An advertiser who’s had success with text ads on the Display Network wants to start using rich media ads. Why should she consider using Ad gallery compared with other tools?
  55. An advertiser would benefit from using affinity audience targeting if they want to reach people:
  56. Cost–per–thousand impressions (CPM) bidding is only available for:
  57. Display inventory on the Display Network is published by AdSense or:
  58. Dynamic remarketing lets an advertiser:
  59. For advertisers bidding on a maximum CPC basis, Quality Score on the Display Network is evaluated on the:
  60. For an ad entering an auction on the Display Network, the AdWords system will calculate the effective cost–per–thousand impressions (eCPM) when there are:
  61. For an advertiser focused on branding, what are the key success metrics?
  62. Frequency capping gives advertisers the ability to specify a limit to the number of:
  63. Frequency capping limits the number of times:
  64. Hayley’s client wants to drive sales of her new cookbook that’s about gluten–free desserts. If Hayley sets up a Display Network campaign that targets potential customers using keywords and topics and the “Target and bid” setting, her client’s ads can show when:
  65. How does an extension work on a Display ad?
  66. How long should advertisers wait after creating a new Display campaign before analyzing its performance?
  67. If a display ad appears “above the fold,” this means that it:
  68. If a display ad has been disapproved, how do you submit a request for another review?
  69. If an advertiser chooses to run ads in image formats, Google will:
  70. If one of your display ad groups isn’t serving due to incorrect target and bid settings, what should you do?
  71. If you’re using remarketing to reach people who’ve used your mobile app, they see your ads:
  72. If you’re considering a Display Network campaign and want to estimate the reach of different targeting options, you’d use:
  73. If your client runs a car dealership and wants to increase brand awareness among auto enthusiasts, which bidding type would you suggest?
  74. In order to use remarketing with Google Analytics, you need to:
  75. In order to use target cost–per–acquisition (CPA) bidding, an advertiser must:
  76. In–market audience targeting consists of people:
  77. Jackie is an advertiser who wants to reach people by using both remarketing and Shopping ads. What’s the best targeting strategy for her?
  78. Managed placements allow advertisers to:
  79. On the Display Network, enhanced cost–per–click (ECPC) automatically:
  80. Remarketing is targeting ads to people who’ve already visited:
  81. Someone browsing the Internet sees an AdWords display ad for laptop computers on a Display Network site, but doesn’t click on it. Two weeks later, she’s interested in buying a laptop and decides to visit the site from the ad. She finds the site by doing a Google search, goes directly to it, and buys a laptop. In this scenario, view–through conversions would be valuable for the advertiser because it could:
  82. Targeting by topic is a good strategy if your client wants to:
  83. The Ad gallery allows advertisers to:
  84. The dynamic remarketing tag collects data such as:
  85. To raise awareness of what you’re advertising without limiting who might see your ads, you should:
  86. True or False: An advertiser can target mobile apps via AdWords.
  87. View–through conversions are available only to:
  88. Viewable cost–per–thousand impressions (vCPM):
  89. What can you do by creating a separate campaign that’s targeted only to the Display Network?
  90. What’s a best practice for building ads with Ad gallery?
  91. What’s a best practice for creating an effective ad with Ad gallery?
  92. What’s needed to create a “Display Network” campaign to start promoting an app in other apps and on mobile websites?
  93. What’s something you can do in Ad gallery to enhance a dynamic display ad?
  94. When an advertiser using viewable cost–per–thousand impressions (vCPM) bidding clicks on his own display ad, Quality Score:
  95. When competing for the same ad unit, if the Ad Rank of a cost–per–thousand impressions (CPM), placement–targeted ad is higher than the combined Ad Rank of all competing keyword–targeted ads, then the:
  96. When creating a display ad, Ad gallery lets you:
  97. When optimizing for the Display Network, a clear call–to–action (CTA) in the ad text is important in order to:
  98. When planning a campaign, the first thing an advertiser thinks about should be:
  99. When reviewing her display campaign, Gina sees that her clickthrough rate is higher on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Which feature could help her be more efficient with her advertising during this time?
  100. When using cost–per–acquisition (CPA) bidding, an advertiser bids using a maximum CPA and pays by:
  101. Where can you place a client’s image and video ads?
  102. Which ad format is easiest to create and edit, and has the widest reach on the Display Network?
  103. Which allows advertisers to see which sites referred visitors with the most time spent on site?
  104. Which automatically expands your reach based on your campaign’s conversion history to help get as many conversions as possible?
  105. Which best practice is advisable when optimizing ad groups within a placement–targeted display campaign?
  106. Which bidding option is best suited for an advertiser focused on branding goals?
  107. Which bidding option is best suited for an advertiser focused on direct response marketing goals?
  108. Which bidding type is only available for ads on the Display Network?
  109. Which builds keyword lists that can be used to show your ads on relevant webpages across the Display Network?
  110. Which feature applies to the Display Network but not the Search Network?
  111. Which feature could help advertisers determine if the clicks they are receiving on the Display Network are valuable?
  112. Which functionality applies to HTML5 ads?
  113. Which is a benefit of using a Lightbox ad?
  114. Which is a benefit of using display advertising with Google to build brand awareness?
  115. Which is a method for evaluating performance of engagement ads created with the Ad gallery?
  116. Which is the best type of campaign for an advertiser to use to target a set of specific mobile apps with ads for their website?
  117. Which of these metrics is typically most important in measuring a direct response advertiser’s performance on the Display Network?
  118. Which practice would be acceptable under Google’s editorial and technical requirements?
  119. Which practice would violate Google’s editorial and professional requirements?
  120. Which report is helpful when using site and category exclusions?
  121. Which report should advertisers run to see which Display Network properties displayed their ads and view associated statistics?
  122. Which targeting method allows an advertiser to reach people who have previously visited their website by showing them relevant ads when they visit other placements on the Display Network?
  123. Which tool works best to help advertisers automatically find and bid on relevant placements?
  124. Which would contribute to a higher Quality Score for a display ad?
  125. Why is it beneficial to include a text ad in the same ad group as an image ad when advertising on the Display Network?
  126. Why is it recommended to separate Display Network campaigns from Search Network campaigns?
  127. You have a friend who has a small business, and she wants to manage her own AdWords campaign. She has no experience with AdWords and would like to experiment with different options. Which campaign type would you recommend to start?
  128. You might choose to use preferred layouts for dynamic display ads if your client:
  129. You’re setting up a dynamic remarketing campaign for your client who sells educational products. Which best practice should you follow?
  130. Your client Alexa, who sells wedding accessories, is running a text ad on the Display Network. What might Google automatically include in her ads?
  131. Your client Ali has a car dealership. She wants to reach people who are actively researching electric cars and ready to buy one. Which type of targeting would you recommend?
  132. Your client Anna wants to increase the reach and visibility of her ads. Which bidding strategy would you recommend?
  133. Your client Christina wants to drive traffic to her site. She has return–on–investment goals and is already using AdWords conversion tracking. Which bidding strategy would you recommend?
  134. Your client has a cupcake shop in a hard–to–find alley in San Francisco. She’s advertising on the Display Network. What’s the best way to help people find her?
  135. Your client has a Mexican restaurant and wants to increase brand awareness in the local community. What type of ad would you create to help reach your client’s goal?
  136. Your client Kevin works for a retailer that sells eco–friendly products. He wants to attract an audience with an established interest in his message. What type of targeting would you recommend?
  137. Your client wants to place image and video ads on a wide variety of websites so people will see them while browsing those sites. Which type of AdWords campaign would be best for that?
  138. Your client wants to reach customers who are browsing content relevant to the company’s keywords and highly likely to buy their products. You recommend using the Search Network with Display Select because the Display option:
  139. Your client wants to reach new parents with ads for organic baby food. What kind of targeting would you recommend?
  140. Your client who sells sports shoes might choose to target a custom affinity audience if he wants to: